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Our Story

For nearly ninety years, Petrossian caviar has stood for excellence. This legacy of quality began when two brothers, Melkoum and Mouchegh Petrossian, moved to France and distributed caviar from the sturgeons of the bountiful Caspian Sea. It developed as Petrossian expanded, with a restaurant in New York City and a product line that includes savory foie gras and sweet French chocolates.

And it continues today, as Petrossian became the first major distributor to work with sturgeon farms, providing gourmet sustainable options with a taste that holds a place on the mantle alongside beluga, sevruga and ossetra caviars.

The Petrossian Difference

So what makes Petrossian caviar special? It starts with the sturgeon: whereas other producers pull the fish as soon as it matures, Petrossian allows the sturgeons to age, giving their caviar a fuller, more robust flavor. Working with specialists at the world’s finest caviar refineries, the roe undergoes a specific salting process, giving the caviar beads the delicate accent of “malossol” – meaning “little salt.”

From there, Petrossian caviar is quickly refrigerated and stored fresh for sale. Thanks to our high output of caviar, sent direct to our restaurants across the globe, as well as other fine eateries and individual gourmands, Petrossian caviar is delivered at peak freshness. The end result? Luxurious caviar perfect for your palate. Bon appetit!

Benefit from Our Expertise

Petrossian has spent almost a century perfecting the art of caviar and we’re always happy to help new and veteran caviar-lovers find the perfect caviar through our Caviar Concierge program. Our trained experts provide CAVIAROLOGIST™ and CAVIAROLOG™ consulting services and advice concerning caviar and seafood preparation and tasting.

Our experts can provide you with every level of expertise, from answering simple questions to providing in-depth consultations. We’re always thrilled to answer your questions or set up a consultation to provide advice on caviar and seafood preparation and tasting.

To speak with our experts, please contact us between 9am and 5pm EST, Monday through Friday at 1-800-828-924.

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