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Tsar Imperial Caviar Sampler


Indulge like the Tsars of old with our incredible Tsar Imperial Caviar Sampler. Exceptional batches that have attained the Tsar Imperial Grade are recognized for their full flavor, firm texture and a satisfying “pop” with every luscious bite. This exquisite set allows you to try four of our finest “varietals” and discover the perfect caviar for your palate.

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Available for in store pickup or delivered right to your door, this caviar experience is cold-packaged in our signature Petrossian Tote.

Package Contains:
• 50g Tsar Imperial Baika
• 50g Tsar Imperial Shassetra
• 50g Tsar Imperial Ossetra
• 50g Tsar Imperial Transmontanus
• 40pk Blini
• 8oz Crème Fraiche
• 1 Mother of Pearl Spoon
• 1 Medium Tote