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Royal Shassetra


Shassetra is known as the “caviar lover’s caviar.” This is perfect for the supertasters, the snobs, the discerning palates and the caviar-lover who has seen it all. Surprise them all with Shassetra.
Aficionados love Shassetra for its complex flavor and unique blend of brine and fruity notes. It’s a sublime study in contrasts, with a burst of juicy brine, followed by a nuanced flavor profile of dried fruit and toasted grains on the tongue, with savory butter lingering on the finish.
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Available for in store pickup or delivered right to your door, this caviar experience is cold-packaged.


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30g – Serves 1, 50g – Serves 1-2, 125g – Serves 3-4, 250g – Serves 4-8