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Smoked Fish & Roe

Cold & Hot Smoked Rainbow Trout



We’re offering two incredible ways to discover the joys of smoked trout. Lighter and more delicate than salmon, you might just never go back. Cold smoking adds a subtle pink blush to plump, delicate trout, making it milder and buttery smooth.

Pre-sliced and ready to delight every fish fancier, folded into omelets, flaked into salads, swirled into Asian-accented noodle soups. Hot smoked rainbow trout is equally out of this world – dense, spicy, golden rich with a smooth, flaky texture that’s never oily. Butterflied and deboned, these unsliced filets are delivered to your door and are delectable served on toast points with our Horseradish Sauce.


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Cold Smoked Rainbow Trout 5oz, Hot Smoked Rainbow Trout 5oz